Red Team Camp by

Tales from the Front … Red Team Ops and Adversarial Simulations An anecdotal review of real-world scenarios and training exercises from the corporate world of red teaming. From planning through to execution, learn about the ins and outs of conducting a successful red team in the field. We are having a special segment’s 0d4rk30 who shares the first-hand experience of what’s it like to be a Red Teamer. 0d4rk30 has a long career in the security domain and some amazing stories to share. Come enjoy some free Pizza 🍕and listen to very cool hacking stories 😃 Guest Speaker: 0d4rk30, Senior Lead — Offensive Operations,

Date & Time: 14th May, 12 pm – 1:30 pm AEDT Location: PAR-Alan Gilbert-121 (Theatre 3)