Cyber Threat Intelligence (with Accenture Security)

How do we know when the next major (computer) virus outbreak will plague our networks? How do we know who has deadly cyber weapons and where they're pointing them? How can we be sure that we're prepared for what's coming? Accenture Security's global Threat Intelligence team has the answers to these questions, and they're bringing it to you in this online workshop on Cyber Threat Intelligence! Over the last few months, the team has compiled an amazing briefing on all the new threats out there related to COVID-19 (amongst other things), including threat actors, threat campaigns and indicators of compromise. They have been deep into underground forums and discussion boards, monitoring the situation and keeping on the lookout for any threats that may appear. We'll be given an exclusive insight into their custom Cyber Threat Intelligence tool and will have the opportunity to see what cyber threat hunting looks like from the perspective of a firm who is in the forefront of the field.

The workshop will be delivered online via Microsoft Teams. The link will be posted closer to the event date.