Workshop 09 - Recon & Enum

“There’s nothing more deceptive than the obvious fact”
-Sherlock Holmes

Ready to put on your detective hats and do some investigation? This week we will be learning to search for clues, gathering information and trying to deduce possible ways to hack our target. This procedure is called Recon and Enumeration and is often the first step in pentesting and bug bounty hunting.

In this workshop, we will cover a few basic frameworks and tools for recon. As a demo target, we will be collecting info and try to (legally) hack into Tesla. We will explore key concepts such as certificate fingerprinting, webserver enumeration etc. as well as useful automation techniques to speed up our reconnaissance. Finally, we will provide some quality resources for you to follow up and level up your security skills with.

As usual, this workshop will be held online on Discord. Join here if you haven't already!