Workshop 01 - Intro To Information Security

Start your first uni week of 2020 the right way, with us at MISC!

Whether you're a complete beginner to cyber security, or an 3li73 h4x0r, our first workshop of 2020 is for you! Join us on Thursday (5th March) at 11AM-1PM in Kwong Lee Dow-416 where there will be an introduction to information security, with several activities on the day, including:

  • Linux basics: where anyone can learn about / brush up on what Linux is, and how it can be useful for you. Any questions (and debates) about Linux can be brought up here, and our team will happily answer (and/or debate).
  • Some wargames fun! Find out ways to learn and practice some cyber security CTF skills (usually no intense running involved). This is an activity great for anyone, no matter your skill level.
  • Chilling. Want to meet other cyber security enthusiasts? Or maybe you've got some burning questions (like why is there smoke coming out of my computer?). If you just want a chat, come chill with us, we've even got free pizza!
  • Mini CTF! There will be a beginner friendly CTF with challenges covering Cryptography, Reverse Engineering, Steganography, Web and more. Participate individually or in teams of 2. There will be a prize for the top team!