Inside Cybersec Recruitment (with Ricki Burke)

Ever wondered how to make the cut in the cybersecurity world? How effective your software degree will be for your career? Whether you're just curious about the skills needed to land a job, or you're graduating and want to know how you can stand out amongst other graduates, we've got you covered!

Ricki Burke is the Director and Founder of one of Australia's top cybersec recruitment firms, CyberSec People. He is also the co-presenter of 'That Security Podcast' and is responsible for organising a range of cybersecurity events and meetups in Melbourne. He is going to share his vast experience of the recruitment world and explain the ins and outs of the cybersec hiring process. Key topics he will be discussing include:

  • Most sought after skills/traits that recruiters look for
  • How you can be a stand-out candidate during recruitment
  • Things outside a regular degree that increases your chances of success

And much more! There will also be plenty of time to have anything on your mind answered, so come along with all your questions and boost your career in the cybersec world.

Also, there will be pizza.