Workshop 09 - picoCTF and Accenture Guest Speaker

Date & Time: 10/10/2019 from 1:15pm to 3:00pm

Location: Q.102 Kwong Lee Dow

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Has """mid-sem""" break ruined your motivation to study (or dreams of H1)? Interested in CTFs but just don't know where to start?

Of course, pizza and energy drinks are the solution to both. Join us this week as we dive into some CTF challenges from picoCTF, a beginner friendly capture the flag by the folks at Carnegie Mellon University.

CTFs are a great way to learn new cybersecurity skills and to get hands-on experience with information security techniques. We'll be seeing presentations from fellow club members on a wide variety of challenges and how they approach and solve them, as well as an opportunity for you to try some challenges out as well!

We'll also be having a special guest from Accenture Security coming to visit and have a chat. This is a great opportunity to have all your security related questions answered by an industry professional, so be sure to come along!