Workshop 01 - Intro to Cyber Secuirty

Date & Time: 01/08/2019 from 1.15pm to 3.00pm

Location: Alice Hoy 330

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Semester 2 is finally here, which means that WE ARE BACK! insert gif of the foaming mouth guy from when Aang visited Kyoshi Island

To rekindle our cybersecurity journey, this workshop will feature a refresher on where we ended last semester, updates on what happened over the break and for our new members, a little into to what we do.

So come along to catch up with old friends or make new ones as we progress to become the ultimate hackers. Or come along just for the FREE™ pizza- we don’t mind!

FREE™ memberships will also be up for grabs - just ask for the special challenge.

Did we mention that there will be FREE™ pizza??????