Workshop 2 - Burp Suite

Date & Time: 14/03/2019 from 1:10pm to 3:00pm

Location: Union House Raymond Priestley 232

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The next step to reach hacker-man status. Learn all about Burp Suite and web application security. Sit between a browser and a web server and create mayhem with all that raw traffic.

  1. Having Kali Linux is recommended but not necessary. So come along even if you don't have it. We will be helping people install them as well
  2. Download the burp suite installer if you don't have Kali. It will help speed up the process and make you independent of Uni Wireless
  3. Don't stress if you missed out on the first workshop We will catch you up to speed.

As promised last time there will be Pizza !!!

Venue Information: The room is in Level 2 of Union House. The entrance to the stairs leading up to the room can be found on the western end of North Court.