Workshop 01 - Intro to Kali Linux

Date & Time: 07/03/2019 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Location: Union House Raymond Priestley 232

Event Page:

Install and play with the operating system that is relevant to doing cool things later down the track.

After learning about what MISC is, we will: a) Download a linux distro (Kali Linux) b) Install/setup c) Perform basic operations like opening programs, running scripts, moving around files, navigating the filesystem, downloading programs via package manager and from git repos, etc. - basically using the terminal/command line for a variety of use cases

  1. We recommend bringing your own laptop and attempting to install Kali (or any other Linux distro) beforehand on a virtual machine on VirtualBox. If you can't, that's okay!
  2. This event is for members only. This means you paid on Clubs Day, online, or will pay at this event on the day ($5), to become a member.
  3. While we will try to fit in as many as possible, due to room capacity (& thus OHS compliance), only the first 40 valid members will get a spot.